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Traditional Chinese

KTSF Bay Area Wonders host Jiayu Jeng takes you on an exclusive journey to explore the charm of the British Isles and shares with you the media privileged itinerary!


  • Visit Big Ben, the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, and Buckingham Palace.

  • Explore Windsor Castle and Oxford University, experiencing the cultural atmosphere of these ancient British institutions.

  • Enjoy authentic English afternoon tea in Oxford.

  • Visit the British Museum and take photos and engage in cultural exchanges near Tower Bridge on the Thames River.

  • Walk on the River Cam in Cambridge, visit York Minster, and the Clifford's Tower.

  • Explore the filming location of Diagon Alley from the "Harry Potter" movies.

  • Take photos at Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace, experiencing the historical charm of the Royal Mile.

  • Visit landmarks such as the House for an Art Lover, the Lighthouse, and the Tall Ship in Glasgow.

  • Visit the Titanic Belfast museum to learn about the story of this historic ship.

  • In Dublin, visit the world-famous Old Library at Trinity College and experience the nightlife and cultural exchanges of Dublin.


  • Backstage Tour: Experience an exclusive journey to the UK with Jiayu, gaining backstage access to delve deep into the secrets of iconic landmarks and historical sites.

    Dialogue with Key Figures: Engage in in-depth conversations with key figures of historical sites, uncovering the stories behind important landmarks.

  • Indulge in Local Flavors: Enjoy delicious cuisine at specially selected restaurants curated by local food connoisseurs. While dining on British fare, engage in interactions with locals.

  • Immersive Cultural Experience: Through meticulously curated experiences by Jiayu, delve deep into the rich culture of England.

  • Members of SF Qipao Association: joining your journey to England, sharing the culture and etiquette of Chinese qipao, creating unforgettable travel memories together.

  • Professional videography: KTSF cameraman will accompany throughout the tour, capturing high-quality videos of this trip to England. The "England Wonders" series will serve as your permanent memories. Capturing every precious moment and wonderful experience, allowing you to revisit the exciting moments of your journey at any time.



2 person in 1 room

  • 4-star European standard hotel

  • Tickets to itinerary attractions

  • Includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner

  • Includes international airfare

  • 11 days

  • Departure on September 15, 2024

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