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A Week of Feasting! Burger King's Free Food Bonanza!

Burger King! This giant in the culinary world has been with us for 70 years. Now, they've turned this historic moment into a joyous occasion for all of us! With their 70th birthday approaching, Burger King has announced a week-long celebration, offering a tantalizing array of free food deals! Just think, for only 70 cents, you can snag a free meal. In this era of soaring prices, this is truly a fantastic deal not to be missed!


During this celebration, Burger King will roll out a series of enticing free food offers. Whether you're a burger aficionado or a fries enthusiast, there's something for everyone. BK loyalty program members can simply use the app or order online, spending just 70 cents to enjoy a different free meal every day starting from National Hamburger Day.

In addition to their delicious burgers and fries, Burger King has a surprise in store for this celebration: the all-new Birthday Pie Slice! This special dessert will tantalize your taste buds, bringing even more sweetness and happiness to this special occasion.

This Burger King 70th birthday celebration is definitely a feast where consumers can eat well without breaking the bank. At this special moment, you can enjoy delicious burgers and fries without spending a fortune. Mark your calendars and seize the opportunity to grab these fantastic deals!

Here's the lineup:

  • May 28th (Tuesday): In honor of National Hamburger Day, spend 70 cents to get a free hamburger.

  • May 29th (Wednesday): Kickstart your day with a free Croissan'wich® with a 70-cent purchase.

  • May 30th (Thursday): Spend 70 cents to get a free medium soft drink.

  • May 31st (Friday): Spend 70 cents to get a free cheeseburger.

  • June 1st (Saturday): Burger King officially celebrates its 70th birthday! Spend 70 cents to get a free Birthday Pie Slice.

  • June 2nd (Sunday): Spend 70 cents to get a free Original Crispy Chicken Sandwich.

  • June 3rd (Monday): Spend 70 cents to get a free Whopper® Jr.


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