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"Singer 2024" Sparks Buzz: Rozette's Remarkable Reviews

Since the premiere of "Singer 2024," the show has been rife with controversy. However, it unexpectedly propelled a Canadian vocal coach named Rozette to fame. Known offstage as Jenn Beaupre, Rozette not only possesses excellent vocal skills and teaching experience but also gained widespread popularity on Taiwanese social media for her unique critique style. Today, we explore how this vocal coach used her professional ear and keen analysis to become a new favorite among music enthusiasts.


Who is Rozette?

Rozette, whose real name is Jenn Beaupre, hails from Alberta, Canada. She is a vocal artist and singer-songwriter who participated in the Canadian Idol talent show and performed at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Currently, she works as a vocal coach, guiding students in their singing techniques. Recently, her insightful critiques on "Singer 2024" have made her a sensation in Taiwan.

Photo Source: CZ Media Youtube Channel

Rozette’s Reviews: Professional and Empathetic

Rozette excels at identifying both the strengths and weaknesses of singers. She has a talent for translating abstract "feelings" into easily understandable language for her audience. Her critiques are filled with professionalism and empathy, and she uses her words carefully to highlight issues without causing offense, earning the respect and admiration of many.

Lin Zhixuan's Diction

While critiquing Lin Zhixuan, Rozette highlighted his clear and powerful diction, which allows every lyric to reach the audience's heart. She considers his enunciation a model for many singers, enhancing song performance and emotional delivery. She even asked her partner, "Is his Mandarin more standard than Wang Leehom's that we heard the other day?" (despite not understanding Mandarin herself).

JJ Lin’s Technique

Upon hearing JJ Lin perform "She Says," Rozette was struck by his vibrato and resonance technique, comparing it to Michael Jackson's. She also speculated that JJ Lin must be a big fan of Michael Jackson, a statement aligning with JJ Lin's public admiration for MJ.

Na Ying’s Stability

Rozette praised Na Ying as a singer with a stable voice and high-level technical skills, able to exhibit great control without showing off. She emphasized that a truly great artist should serve the audience and the song rather than focusing on displaying technical prowess.

David Tao’s Vocal Evolution

Reviewing David Tao’s performances, Rozette contrasted his youthful, fiery voice with his more recent performances. She marveled at the confidence and sparkle in his younger voice and reflected on the impact of time on a singer. Reminding herself to take good care of her voice, she was moved to tears after watching him perform the same song years apart, calling it an emotional experience.

Rainie Yang’s Performance

Commenting on Rainie Yang’s singing on "Singer 2024," Rozette noted that her voice sounded more strained, not as natural. She mentioned that Rainie’s ending phrases were not as polished as in other performances, but clarified that this doesn’t mean her technique is bad, just different preferences.

The Charm of Rozette

Rozette not only precisely analyzes the technical aspects of singers but also expresses her views with gentle empathy, making her professionalism and kindness felt by many. Her reviews are not just about singing but also offer life philosophies, deeply inspiring her audience. She particularly enjoys hearing authenticity and emotion in songs, often moved to tears by genuine performances, which has endeared her to countless viewers.

After learning all this, are you curious about Rozette? Check out her critique videos, and you might become a fan too!

Watch more Rozette review videos here:CZ Media


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