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Through TV station exclusive access, show host Jiayu Jeng takes you to hidden gems, delving into the filming locations of "Bay Area Wonders" and sharing with you the media-limited prestigious itinerary.

On a day in Spring 2025, hop on a comfortable and spacious bus, leisurely enjoy a delightful breakfast, and indulge in themed videos and guided tours of attractions. Arrive at the gallery nestled amidst the picturesque scenery of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, where you can witness a live painting demonstration by renowned oil painter Ning Hou in the pear garden. The owner of the pear garden will personally guide and host, while you relish a sumptuous lunch amidst the blooming pear orchard. Then, venture into Locke, a town established over a century ago as the first and only one founded by Chinese immigrants. Personally led by local community leaders, explore the historic Chinese Merchant Association, Chinese school, and gambling dens, established over a century ago. You can also browse souvenir shops, unique bars, antique hotels, Locke Memorial Park, as well as visit the Ning Hou Gallery and Ning Hou's former residence, which once served as a brothel during Locke's heyday.

Tour Date:

Since the pear blossom bloom period is uncertain, it is currently expected to be on a Saturday or Sunday from the end of March to the beginning of April in 2025. The actual tour date will be determined on 3/1/2025. Cancellation one week before the tour day is fully refundable.


Departing Bay Area: (Cupertino 8:30am, Fremont 9am, Dublin 9:30am)

11am Gallery in the Pear Garden:  Sketching, Art Exhibition, Lunch, Photography

2pm Locke: Historical Tour Visit Gallery and Artist's Home

4pm Departing

6pm Return: Arriving Bay Area

"Bay Area Wonders" Tour: 2025 Enchanted Pear Garden Stroll with World-Renowned Artist in Locke

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$159.00Sale Price
    1. Tax and tips included.
    2. Bus will depart on-time as indicated. Please arrive early. Anyone late to arrive at bus stop will need to drive themselves to Locke.
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