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The KTSF Little Anchor Summer Camp is a unique experience designed for children who are passionate about news reporting. This summer camp will provide comprehensive training in news reporting, fostering their communication skills, confidence, and teamwork abilities. Children participating in this camp will have the opportunity to learn professional knowledge such as news writing, interview techniques, photography, and videography. Through hands-on practice, they will enhance their practical skills. After several days of training and practice, the children will have the chance to report real news at the KTSF studio's anchor desk and broadcast their work on the KTSF channel, creating unforgettable memories for them.

Summer 2024

KTSF Go introduced two experimental Little Anchor Summer Camps in the summer of 2024, located in Menlo Park and San Mateo.

KTSF Little Anchor News Aired on 2024-07-07 6PM

2024 Little Anchor Menlo Park Summer Camp Behind the Scene

Summer 2025

If you are interested in joining Little Anchor Summer Camp in 2025, please enter your email and select the city closest to you, so we can partner with a school nearby.

Closest City
San Mateo
Palo Alto
San Jose
San Francisco

KTSF Kid Camp: Cultivating Confidence, Courage, Chinese Skills, and Creativity

  • Confidence Boost: Our camp empowers kids to step in front of the camera with confidence. Through interactive activities, they'll learn to express themselves articulately, fostering a strong sense of self-assurance.

  • Courageous Communication: The camp focuses on enhancing communication skills, teaching kids to communicate clearly and compellingly. Whether it's on air or in person, they'll develop the courage to share their thoughts and ideas effectively.

  • Collaborative Creativity: At KTSF Kid Anchor Camp, teamwork is key. Through collaborative projects and group activities, children will experience the joy of working together, fostering a spirit of cooperation and creativity.

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