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Spring Pear Farm

Ning Hou

As spring approaches, this enchanting oil painting captures the blossoming pear flowers. As part of the "Bay Area Wonders" Premiere Tour: "Enchanted Pear Garden Stroll with World-Renowned Artist in Locke," visitors had the opportunity to witness master painter Ning Hou creating this year's most representative work. This masterpiece showcases the beauty of the pear orchard, one of Ning Hou favorite subjects. Through our partnership with Silicon Valley Asian Art Center, you will have the chance to become the exclusive collector of this masterpiece.


Ning Hou was born in 1957 in Shanghai, China. He graduated from the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts with a bachelor's degree. He received guidance from the renowned Chinese artist Chang Shouwu, who served as the director of the Department of Fine Arts at the China Academy of Art, the dean of the China Painting Academy, and the president of the Shanghai Artists Association. He also studied under Yan Wanliang, a silver medalist in Paris in the 1930s, and Liu Haisu. He has also learned from many other contemporary artists. In 1983, Ning Hou came to the United States to study at an art college and obtained his master's degree from the college in June 1986, thus beginning his artistic career.

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Ning Hou is one of the most important Asian American oil painters of this century. His works have been exhibited at the Crocker Museum and prominently displayed at the California Governor's Office. If you are interested in collecting "Spring Pear Garden," please contact the Silicon Valley Asian Art Center and mention "Bay Area Wonders" to receive special offers.

Silicon Valley Asian Arts Center

Shu Jianhua, Director

(510) 579-8951

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