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Junior Media Anchor Camp


  • By allowing children to experience the work of journalists, this course helps them overcome fear and enhance their ability to express themselves in situations such as public speaking, reporting, and group discussions. This can unleash the children's potential and personal traits, making them eager to share and communicate with substance. Through participating in anchor training, children can showcase their uniqueness in various fields.

  • Building Confidence - Through guided instruction, children learn to recognize themselves, overcome stage fright, affirm themselves, and cultivate confidence.

  • Logical Thinking - Children practice skillfully summarizing and organizing information received, and expressing their thoughts in an orderly and substantive manner.

  • Chinese Oral Expression - Through engaging language activities, the course aims to expand language skills, training in intonation and clear articulation, and employ techniques of voice and emotion to make children's expressions more vivid and natural.

  • Cultivating Manners and Charm - The course aims to ensure children can perform steadily in public speaking situations, from eye contact to posture, crafting personal charm.

  • TV News Broadcasting - Anchors and reporters provide personal guidance, share experiences, and offer practical visits to TV stations to experience team collaboration in news broadcasting.

  • Broadcast Videos and Event Records - The course provides records of broadcast videos and event photos, which are edited post-production. A specific link for downloading these records and a certificate of completion are provided at the end of the course.


JULY1-3 (Mon-Wed)


Age:7-10 /Grades 2-5

Location:Joy Culture Fundation & KTSF

934 Santa Cruz Ave A, Menlo Park

100 Valley Dr., Brisbane

Parents need to provide transportation for their children to the KTSF filming location on 7/3.



Students should be able to recognize common Chinese characters and vocabulary, including basic everyday language. They should understand simple Chinese sentences and answer questions.

Joy Culture Palo alto.jpg


Bring your own snacks, water, and lunch.

Please prepare a formal outfit for filming on 7/3 (But avoid green colors).

The Junior Media Anchor program is administered by professional instructors at Joy Culture Foundation. Students are dropped off at  934 Santa Cruz Ave A, Menlo Park, CA 94025. The program includes a station tour and news recording at KTSF Television in Brisbane.

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