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What Color Should Your Child’s Swimwear Be? Expert Tips

Summer is here, and many families are planning trips to the beach or the pool with their kids. Besides choosing the right style of swimsuit, the color of the swimsuit is also an important factor to consider. Choosing the right color not only enhances your child’s safety but also adds to the fun of playing in the water. This article explores the best color recommendations for children’s swimsuits in summer and the reasons behind them.


1. Bright Colors

Experts suggest that parents should choose bright-colored swimsuits for their children, such as neon, red, yellow, or orange. These colors are more visible in the water, helping to improve the child’s safety. In contrast, blue swimsuits can blend into the water, making it difficult to spot the child, and increasing the difficulty of rescue in case of an emergency.

2. Safety First

Swimming instructors state that blue swimsuits can create a “camouflage” effect, making children almost invisible in the water and hard to detect. Bright-colored swimsuits, on the other hand, are more noticeable, especially in crowded public pools, reducing the risk of accidents by ensuring the child can be seen promptly if a dangerous situation arises. Therefore, choosing bright-colored swimsuits is a safer option.

3. Enhanced Visibility

In addition to safety considerations, bright colors make children more visible in the water. This is a great choice for families who love taking photos. Bright swimsuits can make your child stand out in photos, making summer memories even more vivid and lively.

4. Adding Fun

Children love vibrant colors, and bright swimsuits can excite them even more. Choosing swimsuits in colors and patterns that children love can make them look forward to swimming. For example, swimsuits with their favorite cartoon characters or cute animal patterns can make them more willing to wear them and enjoy swimming.

5. Durability and Practicality

Although dark-colored swimsuits may show less dirt, they can absorb more heat in the hot summer, making the child feel hotter. Therefore, choosing light or bright-colored swimsuits not only looks refreshing but also better suits summer needs. Opting for high-quality swimsuit materials, such as quick-drying and sun-protective fabrics, can improve durability and comfort.

swim suit color test results
Photo Source: Alive Solutions

When choosing a swimsuit for your child this summer, bright-colored swimsuits not only enhance safety but also make for better photos and increase your child’s interest in wearing them. Additionally, selecting the right materials and patterns ensures that your child will be both safe and comfortable while playing in the water. Next time you pick a swimsuit for your child, consider these factors to make this summer full of more happy and safe memories.

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