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Summer Learning Treasures for Kids: Must-See Online Courses!

With summer just around the corner, are you looking for fun and educational activities to fill your kids' free time? Whether your child is interested in science, technology, engineering, math, the arts, or other subjects, this article provides a range of free and paid online summer camps and courses for students aged 2-18, allowing them to enjoy learning at home!


To provide free online education that helps students stay on track and prepare for future learning. Camp Khan offers three challenges to keep students engaged and achieving learning goals during the summer.

1. Challenge 1: Crossing the Finish Line: Complete last semester’s course goals to ensure readiness for future learning.

2. Challenge 2: Ready, Set, Grow: Complete the “Get Ready for Grade Level” courses to practice essential skills for the next academic year.

3. Challenge 3: Choose Your Own Adventure: Select your favorite math courses, improve two skills weekly, and spend at least 30 minutes on math adventures.

To help students develop STEAM skills and creativity, preparing them for future learning and careers. Free online practical activity "Operation Build It Virtual Field Trip" allows students to interact with professionals, learning how to set up workshops and solve real-world challenges.

Set up by local teachers, librarians, parents, and volunteers, Maker Camp encourages students to engage in creative project-based learning during the summer. After registration, log into the website to use a personalized dashboard to interact with other members. Access a library with over 200 projects and download free learning resources. Completing projects earns badges, and projects cover areas such as coding, electronics, manufacturing, and STEAM.

A free online course platform that helps learners and professionals improve their digital skills.

Course Content:

  • Application of digital marketing tools (e.g., Google Ads and Facebook Ads)

  • Google Analytics data analysis

  • YouTube content creation

  • Introduction to machine learning

  • Free online live courses

Choose a topic to explore, find great kids’ books, and keep the adventure going!

To inspire natural curiosity and imagination in students by posing a “Wonder of the Day” question daily and exploring it in various ways.

Highlights: Over 2,000 “Wonders of the Day” topics, attracting over a million visitors each month, and offering highly interactive educational resources. Recognized with multiple awards, including TIME magazine's "50 Top Websites of 2011" and a four-star rating from USA Today.

To inspire and enrich upper-elementary-aged kids’ learning of space and Earth science through fun games, hands-on activities, informative articles, and engaging short videos. Available in both English and Spanish, it offers resources for parents and teachers.

Weekly online coding camps, up to 3 hours per day, using video conferencing and screen-sharing technology. Provides personalized instruction, helping students design and debug projects.

Flexible online summer camp options where students can make new friends, play their favorite games together, and stay safe. Weekly 90-minute Minecraft clubs compatible with various devices, guided by expert coaches and counselors.

Joy Culture Foundation in Menlo Park and Beijing Immersive in San Mateo have partnered up with Bay Area's local television station KTSF to offer the Little Reporter Summer Camp Program this year. By allowing children to experience the work of journalists, this course helps them overcome fear and enhance their ability to express themselves in situations such as public speaking, reporting, and group discussions. The most unique part of this program is that the kids get to go inside KTSF's TV Studio and actually sit on anchor desk to report news, so viewers in Northern California will actually see their kids reporting news on TV.

Provides unparalleled virtual learning with inspiring instructors, customized curriculum, and topics that captivate children. Courses cover Java programming, Minecraft mods, and rocket launching, suitable for students aged 7-19.

Module-based and fully interactive education, prioritizing understanding of course material and key concepts. Weekly classes are the most effective way for your kids to learn coding.

These treasure troves of online courses and summer camps not only keep your child’s learning enthusiasm alive during the summer but also inspire their creativity and exploratory spirit. Whether you want your child to improve academically, explore emerging technologies, or simply find some fun activities, these resources are worth collecting! If any of these courses interest you, don't hesitate to sign up and make your child’s summer fulfilling and fun!

Which summer camp or course do you like the most? Or do you have other recommended learning resources? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section!


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