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How to Save Money Shopping at Supermarkets During Inflation

Inflation has been rampant lately, making everything expensive, from everyday essentials to food. However, by mastering some shopping tips, you can still save a lot of money at supermarkets. Today, I’ll share a few tricks to help you save money when shopping at North American supermarkets, so you can live comfortably even during these times of rising prices.


Costco—Private Labels and Clearance Items Are Key

At Costco, choosing to buy their private label Kirkland Signature products can save you quite a bit of money. Additionally, you can search for “Whilesupplieslast” on Costco’s official website to find all clearance items, which are usually very cost-effective. Pay special attention to items priced ending in $.97, $.88, or $.00, as these are typically sale items. Another tip: if you find that the price has dropped after you’ve made a purchase, you can request a price adjustment within 30 days to avoid overpaying.

Whole Foods—Take Advantage of Membership Discounts and Sales

Amazon Prime members at Whole Foods can enjoy an extra 10% off, and using the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa card gives you 5% cashback on purchases. Weekly sales every Wednesday are also a great opportunity to save money. Look for yellow-tagged sale items, and don’t miss the annual Beauty Week, where you can enjoy 25% off discounts on beauty and wellness products.

Amazon Fresh—Stack Exclusive Discounts

Amazon Fresh offers exclusive Prime member discounts that can be stacked for even greater savings. Search for “Amazon Fresh Store Coupons” to find the weekly discount summary, and use a cashback credit card to maximize your savings.

✨Casually browsing Amazon Deals can help you save quite a bit of money! For instance, this Shark AI Ultra robot vacuum with voice control is on sale for half price! Originally priced at $599.00, it's now on special offer for just $299.99! If you're in need of a robot vacuum, don't miss out on this great deal!

Trader Joe’s—Private Labels and Unconditional Returns

Buying Trader Joe's private label products is often more economical, especially for fresh produce, which tends to be cheaper than at regular supermarkets. Additionally, Trader Joe's has a great policy: if you don’t like something you purchased, you can return it unconditionally, providing more assurance for your shopping.

Weee!—Don’t Miss Weekly Deals

Weee! is an online supermarket specializing in Asian foods, offering different promotional activities each week. Every Tuesday is Fresh Tuesday, Wednesday is Member Rebate Day, Thursday is Global Shopping Discount Day, and Friday features the Crazy 8 event with very attractive prices. The products change every week, bringing new surprises each time. In most areas, there are flash sales at 7 PM every night, so be quick to grab these deals.

In this era of rising prices, making smart shopping choices can help you save a significant amount of money. Whether it’s choosing private label products, utilizing exclusive member discounts, or catching weekly promotional activities, you can save on your daily shopping expenses. I hope these tips help you budget wisely and live comfortably during these inflationary times. Happy shopping!


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