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Top Summer Travel Picks: Explore the Best of 2024!

Updated: Jun 9

As summer travel season approaches, Delta Air Lines has unveiled the second most searched international travel destinations ahead of Memorial Day. The list, compiled from search data on, showcases the cities customers are looking to visit from May to August this year.

According to this list, London, Paris, and Rome top the charts for international travel searches, while Dublin, Barcelona, and Vancouver made their debut on the list this year. Additionally, compared to 2023, search volumes for the top ten cities on the list have increased by over 150%, indicating a surge in demand for international travel following the airline's record-breaking sales 11 days ago.


Here is Delta Air Lines' complete list of the most searched summer travel destinations for 2024:

1. London, United Kingdom

2. Paris, France

3. Rome, Italy

4. Athens, Greece

5. Cancun, Mexico

6. Amsterdam, Netherlands

7. Tokyo, Japan

8. Dublin, Ireland

9. Barcelona, Spain

10. Vancouver, Canada

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