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World's Most Stinky Foods Ranking: Surprising Revelation about Stinky Tofu!

In the realm of culinary diversity, preferences vary widely. Some relish the distinctive aromas of durian and stinky tofu, while others approach them with caution. Recently, Japanese fermentation expert Koizumi Takeo utilized the "Alabaster" instrument to quantify the odors of various "flavorful delicacies" in AU (aroma units). Surprisingly, stinky tofu, a beloved dish in Chinese, Taiwanese, and Hong Kong cuisine, only secured the tenth spot on the list!


You've likely heard of the reigning champion, Surströmming from Sweden, renowned for its stinky scent, claiming the top position. It begs the question: just how potent is its aroma? Meanwhile, Korean fermented skate, Hongeohoe, also made a strong showing, demonstrating a global appreciation for fermented delicacies.

Amidst this rich tapestry of culinary delights lies a story of cultural heritage and significance. Perhaps it's the tales woven into these stinky foods that garner them widespread recognition and admiration worldwide.

After perusing this revelation, one can't help but wonder about the other intriguing entries on the list. Here's the comprehensive ranking:

1. Surströmming 8070 AU (Sweden)

2. Hongeohoe 6230 AU (Fermented Skate) (South Korea)

3. Epicure Cheese 1870 AU(New Zealand)

4. Kiviak 1370 AU  (Fermented Seabird) (Alaska, Greenland)

5. Kusaya 1267 AU (Freshly Baked) (Japan)

6. Funazushi 486 AU (Japan)

7. Natto 452 AU (Japan)

8. Kusaya 447 AU (Before Roasting) (Japan)

9. Pickled Radish Kimchi 430 AU  (Japan)

10. Stinky Tofu 420 AU  (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.)


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