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Chipotle’s Flavor Changed? Keith Lee’s Latest Review Sparks Debate

In this digital age, the influence of social media is undeniable. Especially when food critics like Keith Lee have over 16 million followers, a single comment from him can change the fate of a restaurant. With 10 million followers on TikTok eagerly awaiting his reviews of new dishes, Lee's opinions often go viral, significantly impacting the business of restaurants.


Chipotle Launches New Fajita Quesadilla Inspired by Lee's Review

In 2023, the well-known chain restaurant Chipotle introduced a new dish, the Fajita Quesadilla, inspired by Keith Lee's positive review on TikTok. Lee had rated the Quesadilla as "a perfect 10 out of 10," sparking widespread discussion and enthusiasm online. To show their appreciation for Lee's support, Chipotle even created a special Quesadilla combo for him and another TikToker.

Lee's Negative Review Sparks Debate

However, recently, Lee's comments on TikTok have garnered renewed attention. Lee mentioned that Chipotle’s flavor seems to have changed and isn’t as tasty as it used to be. This comment quickly ignited a heated debate online, with many fans agreeing with Lee’s assessment. They believe the quality at Chipotle has indeed declined. Additionally, several people pointed out that the portion sizes at Chipotle have noticeably shrunk, making them question their continued support for the chain.

How to Get Bigger Portions at Chipotle

Interestingly, as the discussion unfolded, some rumors about how to get larger portions at Chipotle surfaced. It is said that if you record the staff while ordering at Chipotle, they will give you more food. Some users shared their experiences, confirming that this method actually works. Furthermore, others suggested that ordering online using a common Spanish name results in getting larger portions. These "hacks" have sparked significant interest and testing among fans.

Keith Lee's influence once again underscores the importance and impact of social media critics in today’s restaurant industry. His positive review prompted Chipotle to introduce a new dish, but his recent negative comments have put pressure on the restaurant. As discussions continue to unfold online, it will be interesting to see if Chipotle can improve its product quality and regain consumer trust. Meanwhile, the various "hacks" for getting larger portions at Chipotle have become a hot topic among netizens. Regardless, Keith Lee's reviews have undeniably caused quite a stir, and the future developments are eagerly anticipated.


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