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Where to Go This Weekend? Top Bay Area Events!

Updated: Jun 13

As summer arrives, the Bay Area enters the peak season for events, with a dazzling array of activities and festivals that leave you spoil for choice. Whether you are a music enthusiast, an art lover, or seeking family fun, you can find the perfect event in the Bay Area this weekend. These events not only offer diverse entertainment options but also showcase the rich culture and community spirit of the Bay Area. Here are some upcoming exciting events, no matter your entertainment preferences, you'll find something you love here.


Dates: 6/12-9/19

Time: 5-8 pm

Frequency: Every Wednesday and Thursday

Location: Filoli Estate, Woodside

Tickets: $38 and up, children under 5 enter for free and do not require a ticket.

Highlights: Enjoy music and art exhibitions in the historic Filoli Estate and gardens, a perfect place for summer evenings. Stroll through the beautiful gardens and immerse yourself in live acoustic music for a relaxing and delightful night.

Dates: 6/14-16

Location: Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa

Highlights: Northern California's largest country music festival, featuring multiple country music artists, offering a diverse musical experience. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the charm of country music and have a vibrant and exciting musical weekend with friends.

Date: 6/15

Time: 12-6 pm

Location: Montclair Village, Oakland

Tickets: Starting at $50, available on Eventbrite.

Highlights: Taste a variety of beers and wines, enjoy live music performances, and relish delicious food. This event is not only a perfect place for adults to relax and enjoy but also a great spot for family gatherings.

Dates: 6/15-23

Location: Multiple venues in Healdsburg, including wineries, restaurants, public squares, and historic theaters

Tickets: Starting at $50, available on Eventbrite.

Highlights: A 9-day jazz festival featuring numerous renowned jazz artists, including Grammy winners. Besides the rich music performances, there are free music education activities and Juneteenth celebrations, allowing participants to deeply understand and enjoy music culture.

Dates: 6/15-30

Location: 2086 Newark Mall Road, Newark

Tickets: Starting at $24.

Highlights: Features various large inflatable castles, suitable for both children and adults to enjoy and create fun memories together.

Dates: 6/15-8/11

Location: Ruth Bancroft Garden & Nursery, Walnut Creek

Highlights: Combines sculpture art with natural gardening in an exhibition that supports local artists and offers a visual feast. This exhibition will showcase works by multiple local sculptors, allowing you to appreciate beautiful sculptures while enjoying the tranquility and beauty of natural gardening. The exhibition is free to the public, but garden admission tickets are required.

Date: 6/16

Location: Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, San Jose

Highlights: Features performances by several Mariachi music artists, along with food trucks, a children's play area, cultural workshops, and educational activities, showcasing the diversity of Mariachi music and culture. This festival is a family-friendly event where you can find joy in music and culture.

This weekend, the Bay Area is packed with exciting activities filled with music, art, and family fun. Whether you want to spend a romantic evening in a historic estate or join a lively music festival, these events will meet your needs. These activities not only provide diverse entertainment options but also let you experience the unique cultural atmosphere of the Bay Area. Bring your family and friends and enjoy the beauty of summer together!


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