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"The Enlightening Quotes from a Taiwanese drama 'Imperfect Us' "

The recently trending Taiwanese drama "Imperfect Us" just wrapped up its final episodes last week, and they were truly emotionally intense. The concluding episodes took some unexpected twists, leading to very divided opinions. The series follows the twelve-year-long entanglement between Ching Fen Chien (played by Ariel Lin), Rebecca (played by Tiffany Ann Hsu), and Jui Chih Ho (played by Mike Ho). Directed and scripted by Mag Hsu, the creative genius behind "In Time with You," the drama is filled with raw, heartrending dialogue that resonates deeply, piercing through viewers' emotional barriers.

imperfect us

"Isn't human nature quite amusing? The unattainable always seems more fascinating.”

This revealing the greedy and desirous side of humanity. People often have a penchant for things they can't have, believing that what others possess is always better than their own, thus falling into endless longing.

"While a person only needs to solve the 'loneliness' puzzle, when two individuals unite, it tends to breed a whole bunch of troubles"

When you're flying solo, conquering loneliness feels like unlocking the ultimate life hack. But throw two people into the mix, and suddenly it's like opening Pandora's box. Relationship hiccups, communication glitches, and just the daily grind of coexisting – it's like diving into a never-ending pool of challenges!”

"It's not about being discriminatory; it's more like trying to convince ourselves we haven't lost."

Sometimes, to protect our pride, we end up having these biased or negative thoughts about others. It's not really about hating on them, it's more about trying to make ourselves feel better, even if it doesn't fix a thing.”

"I was so focused on the race, eyes locked straight ahead, but I couldn't resist sneaking a peek at the competition on the sidelines. And that's when I tripped myself up."

Sometimes, obsessing over others' success or overly concerned about what they think can make us ignore our own inner voice, leading to failure.


"As we age, priorities shift. At forty, it's less about personal preferences and more about planning ahead."

This quote highlights how responsibilities evolve with time, suggesting that with age comes the need to prioritize stability and security over fleeting desires.

"I thought turning 40 meant reaching a state of 'clarity,' but it turns out it's just a different kind of worry."

Worries in life don't vanish as you get older; instead, they may evolve into new challenges and problems over time. This statement reflects the ongoing growth and changes in life, where even as we age, worries persist.

"I've really been putting in effort, amplifying those little moments of joy. But deep down, I know it's just the same old routine, day in and day out. So maybe it's time I found a fictional rival for my everyday grind."

Ching Fen Chien's monotonous existence leaves her feeling tired. While conjuring up an imaginary adversary might spark the drive to aim for loftier goals, it's probably more important to show herself a little more love. Instead of relying on this "fictional rival" to break the monotony, it's better to prioritize self-care. Alongside pursuing happiness and tackling life's challenges, focusing on both physical and mental well-being is key.

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Despite the mixed reception to the finale of "Imperfect Us," its characters and storyline feel like mirrors of real-life experiences. As we age, the uncertainties and challenges of life seem to persist, even into our forties. This relatability leads many viewers to draw parallels between the show's characters and their own lives, feeling a profound connection as if their own stories are being played out on screen. Consequently, even though the series has ended, the narratives of life persist.


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