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Receiving a mistaken text? Watch out! It might be a scam bot!

Hi Tina, are you still teaching piano?

Hi there, I'm Teresa introduced by Peter.


Hello Dr. Yang, could you help me reschedule my appointment from next Wednesday afternoon to Friday afternoon?


Have you ever received similar messages, whether through text or WhatsApp? This is a common scam in the North American Chinese community known as "chat bot scams”. After you respond, they engage in conversation, using persuasive language to gain trust and eventually carry out the scam.

To avoid becoming a victim of "chat bot scams”:

1. Ignore texts from strangers and avoid from replying. Even a simple response can flag your number as active to scammers, potentially leading to more scam messages.

2. Just because you receive a text doesn't mean the sender is trustworthy. Personal information may be publicly available, allowing scammers to obtain details like your name, address, and banking information. If you feel suspicious, directly contact the relevant company for verification.

3. Be cautious of website links in texts, as scammers use various tactics to entice you to click. These links may contain malware or attempt to gather personal information.

4. Block suspicious numbers to prevent further contact from scam groups. Never provide personal information to strangers, including credit card details, banking information, address, or social security number.

5. If your personal information has been compromised, you should report the incident to law enforcement and the Federal Trade Commission. Additionally, consider freezing your credit reports. To ensure maximum effectiveness, it's essential to set up a freeze with all three credit bureaus.

Coincidences are rare in this world, and opportunities for love don't appear at every turn. What may seem like a romantic relationship might lead not to love, but to financial loss. Therefore, it's crucial not to trust strangers or unverified investment schemes, or to easily believe promises from unfamiliar individuals. If an investment offer seems too good to be true, it probably is! Understand that there are no shortcuts to wealth without hard work, so choose your investments wisely. If someone's requests or behavior raise suspicion, it's important to end communication promptly and safeguard your personal and financial security.


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