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Limited Time Offer: Save Big with IKEA Gift Card Discount!

Updated: Jun 3

For international students or newly arrived immigrants in the United States, whether you're planning to create a personal style for your new home or simply need practical and affordable furniture and home goods, IKEA has always been an indispensable choice. And now, IKEA is once again offering an exciting gift card special deal: for every $50 spent on gift cards, you'll receive an additional $10 gift card for free! This fantastic offer not only makes it easier for you to create your dream home, but also helps you save a considerable amount of money.


This time, the special offer is limited to digital gift cards only, not available for in-store purchases, and the promotion runs from now until May 21st. For those needing to purchase larger amounts of gift cards, it's recommended to buy $50 each time, in multiple transactions, to ensure you receive multiple $10 gift cards instead of just one.

Whether you're furnishing a new rental space or looking to add some personalized décor to your bedroom, IKEA offers a wide selection of practical furniture and stylish accessories to choose from. Moreover, IKEA's design philosophy emphasizes the combination of functionality and aesthetics, allowing you to satisfy practical needs while showcasing your personal taste.

In addition to furniture, IKEA also offers a variety of household items such as kitchenware, bathroom accessories, and bedding, allowing you to easily create a cozy and welcoming home environment. Furthermore, these gift cards make excellent gifts for friends and family, bringing warmth and care to their lives.

This IKEA gift card special offer is definitely an opportunity not to be missed for international students and new immigrants! Take advantage of this opportunity to not only create a comfortable and practical home environment for yourself but also to enjoy the savings and benefits of this great deal. Don't miss out – seize this opportunity to master your home aesthetics and enjoy a beautiful life!


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