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Singer 2024: A New Live Broadcast Attempt Amidst Controversy and High Buzz

After a four-year hiatus, Hunan TV's music competition show "Singer 2024" has finally returned, this time breaking away from the traditional pre-recorded format and adopting a live broadcast format for the first time. This innovation aims to allow the audience to experience the contestants' real-time performances, with the results determined by votes from 500 on-site audience members and 500 online international judges. However, as soon as the show aired, it sparked controversy over alleged audio tuning.


The lineup for "Singer 2024" is undeniably strong, featuring Naying, Rainie Yang, Silence Wang, Hila Amu, the rock band "Second Hand Rose," as well as American singer Chante Moore and Canadian singer Faouzia. This international lineup not only attracts domestic viewers but also garners attention from international fans.

During the show, Rainie Yang performed a rearranged version of "Take Me Away," but her performance fell short, leading to a major flop. The audience had mixed reviews of her performance, and netizens even created memes to mock her. These memes went viral on social media, making Rainie Yang a hot topic. Unexpectedly, in the second episode, Rainie Yang made another mistake, singing off-key and forgetting the lyrics, leading to her elimination. At the same time, Silence Wang's performance did not escape criticism either. He sang "Flesh and Blood" by Chih Siou, but was harshly criticized by netizens for being unpleasant to listen to and was even mocked for playing the family card.

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Although "Singer 2024" has generated significant buzz, it has also faced constant doubts. Some viewers questioned whether the show, despite claiming to be fully live, had actually used audio tuning. These doubts have affected the show's credibility to some extent. Interestingly, foreign singers have performed exceptionally well in the competition, consistently occupying the top three positions. This led some mainland netizens to joke that "Singer 2024" has become "Naying's Anti-Foreign Adventure." This remark not only reflects the audience's attention to the competition results but also demonstrates their recognition of the foreign singers' abilities.

With its new live broadcast format and strong initial lineup, "Singer 2024" has successfully garnered widespread attention. Despite facing accusations of audio tuning and criticism of some contestants' performances, the show has still managed to create a significant buzz online. How the competition will unfold in the future, and whether it can quell the doubts and maintain high levels of discussion, remains to be seen.


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