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Netflix House: Bringing Your Favorite Shows Beyond the Screen

Updated: Jun 23

Can you imagine your favorite Netflix drama coming to life? This is the experience that Netflix House will bring to us when it opens in 2025. Netflix recently announced the launch of Netflix House, an innovative space that will bring fans' favorite series and movie scenes into the real world, creating a year-round immersive entertainment paradise for viewers.


Highlights of Netflix House:

1. Immersive Interactive Experiences:

From a Bridgerton-style ball to the thrilling challenges of Squid Game, Netflix House will offer visitors a variety of unforgettable experiences. These experiences will be regularly updated, ensuring that each visit is fresh and exciting.

2. Themed Shopping Area:

A wide range of merchandise will be available for fans, from Stranger Things T-shirts to memorabilia from other popular shows, allowing you to take home elements of your favorite Netflix titles.

3. Unique Food and Beverage Offerings:

Restaurants inspired by Netflix series from around the world will offer visitors unique culinary experiences, letting your taste buds enjoy the charm of different cultures.

4. Art Installations:

Outside the venue, stunning sculptures and murals featuring various Netflix characters will add visual appeal to the overall environment.

Photo Source: Netflix

The first Netflix Houses will open in 2025 at the King of Prussia Mall in Pennsylvania and the Galleria Dallas in Texas. Each location will cover more than 100,000 square feet, occupying former department store spaces.

The launch of Netflix House is sure to bring fans unprecedented experiences. It is not only an entertainment venue but also a platform where imagination and reality intersect. As the opening date approaches, let’s look forward to this wonderful journey that brings the virtual world into reality.

Which scene from a Netflix series are you most excited to experience at Netflix House? If you had the chance to design an experience area in Netflix House, which series or movie would you choose, and how would you design it? Looking forward to embarking on this exciting journey with everyone, Netflix House will be a paradise for fans, and we can’t wait for the opening in 2025!

For more information, please visit NetflixHouse.

Photo Source: Amazon

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