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Joyful Lunar New Year Games for Children's Laughter

Updated: Mar 11

Lunar New Year is a festive and traditional occasion that can be enriched with various fun games for children. Here are five activities suitable for children to join in the Lunar New Year celebrations

Catch the Nian Monster: Prepare some Nian monster-shaped items and let the children engage in a simulated game of catching the Nian monster in the room or yard. They can collaborate in teams, attempting to capture the Nian monster and symbolize warding off misfortune during the Lunar New Year.

Flipping Fu Characters Competition: Prepare various-sized Fu character cards, each inscribed with an auspicious phrase. Within a specific time frame, have the children quickly flip these cards and see who can find the most auspicious phrases. This not only makes for a lively competition but also allows children to understand the blessings associated with the Lunar New Year.

Riddle Guessing: Prepare some lantern riddles and hide them throughout the house. Children can either form teams or individually search for these riddles, guess the answers, and receive corresponding small prizes. This is a fun and educational activity, introducing children to the cultural aspects of the Lunar New Year.

Dress Up as Dragon or Lion Dance: Children can form groups and dress up as dragon or lion dance performers. Provide them with simple dance steps and let them perform in the house or yard, creating a festive atmosphere of dragon and lion dances. This not only adds to the festive ambiance but also promotes teamwork.

Red Envelope Hide and Seek: Hide red envelopes containing small gifts or chocolates in various corners of the house. Then, let the children engage in a red envelope hide-and-seek game. They can search while collecting the discovered red envelopes. This is not only an enjoyable game but also allows children to experience the delight of seeking good luck.

Joyful Lunar New Year Games for Children's Laughter" provides a delightful array of activities, blending tradition and fun for children to celebrate the Lunar New Year with enthusiasm and happiness. These games contribute to creating lasting memories and instilling cultural appreciation in the hearts of the younger generation.


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