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Five Clever Kitchen Decoration Ideas for Chinese-Americans

Updated: Mar 11

The kitchen plays a crucial role in home design, as it is not just a cooking space but also the heart of family life. A well-designed kitchen not only provides a comfortable working environment but also serves as a pleasant gathering place for family members, meeting their cooking needs. When designing a kitchen, many factors need to be considered, from space utilization to style and functionality.

Firstly, the layout of the kitchen is crucial for its functionality. A well-thought-out layout can maximize work efficiency and make cooking easier. Common kitchen layouts include straight-line, L-shaped, U-shaped, and island layouts, each with its applicable scenarios and characteristics. For example, a straight-line layout is suitable for small kitchens, while an island layout can provide more workspace and storage space.

Secondly, the design style of the kitchen is also an important factor to consider. Different families have different preferences and styles, so the design style of the kitchen should coordinate with the overall home style. From modern to traditional, from minimalist to luxurious, kitchen design styles vary, allowing for personal preferences and family needs to be taken into account.

In addition, the functionality of the kitchen is also essential. In addition to basic cooking functions, modern kitchens also need to consider storage space, cleaning equipment, lighting design, and other aspects. Here are five clever decoration ideas to consider when decorating your kitchen!

RO Tank, LED Light, and Oven

Traditional cabinets often lack specific lighting, especially in Chinese households where moms always like to reuse resources and save on waste. For example, moms often accumulate many plastic bags or containers, thinking they might need them someday. Consequently, when the cabinet is opened, it's like peering into an endless abyss due to the lack of internal lighting. Adding lighting is essential to illuminate the storage space and make it easier to find items. However, installing wired lighting can involve drilling holes and disrupting the integrity of the cabinet, which many hesitate to do, especially in newly installed cabinets. In this case, consider using portable rech LED lighting. These lights can be attached to the underside of the cabinet with magnets and double-sided adhesive, and they operate via motion sensors. They can be easily removed and used as a flashlight to scan the corners of the cabinet!

Double-Deck Oven Stove

Chinese households don't often use ovens, with moms often using them as storage space. However, occasionally, there's a need for baking cakes or roasting chicken. Instead of constantly moving stored items, consider investing in a double-deck oven stove. These stoves have two layers, with the upper layer being suitable for baking small items (saving energy) while the lower layer can be used for storage, satisfying moms' desire to store items and solving the problem of limited kitchen space.

Recycling RO Reverse Osmosis Wastewater Storage Tank

Many Chinese families install water filters, especially reverse osmosis (RO) filters. However, RO filters produce a significant amount of wastewater, often equal to half the amount of water used in a day. Over time, this wastage adds up, leading to significant water waste. The wastewater from RO filtration is not dirty water and can be reused for other purposes. Consider installing an additional storage tank to collect the excess wastewater. This water can then be used for watering plants, particularly beneficial in dry regions like California, where water conservation is crucial.

Touch Faucet

I believe everyone has used touchless faucets before. Either they take forever to respond to touch or they're too sensitive and keep dispensing water, wasting water resources. Touch-control faucets don't have these issues. They only dispense water when touched. Especially when handling Chinese cuisine with oily hands, simply tapping the faucet lightly will release water. There's no need to use greasy hands to turn the switch, instantly refreshing your mood. Once you start using it, you won't want to go back. It's definitely worth recommending.

Whether washing cups upside down saves time and is cleaner is debatable, but this small item isn't expensive and adds a sense of ceremony. After finishing a drink, just rinse it quickly, and your home will feel like a milk tea shop or Starbucks, where you can have a drink anytime. After all, the kitchen should be the most comfortable space in the home!

Cup Washer


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