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A Perfect Holiday Destination: Discover The Little Bookworm Chinese Library's Chinese Books and Rich Activities

Whenever you’re unsure where to go during holidays, the library is an excellent choice. The Little Bookworm Chinese Library offers a wealth of Chinese educational resources and regularly organizes a variety of activities. These events not only help children learn Chinese through reading but also allow them to engage in interesting cultural activities. Especially during the annual Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Family Day, Asian families can find a sense of cultural belonging here.


AAPI Family Day: A Joyful Time of Cultural Heritage

On May 18th, the The Joy Culture Foundation held the AAPI Family Day event, attracting numerous families to participate. On this day, many Asian authors shared children's book stories, and there were various booths and traditional games such as ring toss and marble fishing, allowing children to experience the games their parents played when they were young. These activities not only brought joy to the children but also subtly passed on Asian culture.

One of the invited booths featured the board game Empower Empathy. Empower Empathy is a board game designed by Dr. Angel Liang, suitable for children aged 5 and above. Players join a super squad to solve social dilemmas and protect the city of Empathropolis from the evil villain Goobi. This cooperative game helps children develop emotional awareness and empathy through role-playing as superheroes to resolve various social dilemmas. The game has won seven industry awards and emphasizes the cultivation of emotional awareness and empathy, making it perfect for families to play and learn together. The game is easy to learn, with high-quality and environmentally friendly design, allowing children to learn how to address and solve emotional dilemmas while playing.

An Ideal Place for Chinese Education

Since its opening in 2022, the Little Bookworm Chinese Library has accumulated over 6,000 Chinese children's books and regularly invites Asian authors to tell stories. Weekly free story times and craft activities create a relaxed and enjoyable environment for children to learn Chinese. This is not just a place for learning Chinese but also a place for the whole family to enjoy the fun of reading together.

This summer, the The Joy Culture Foundation has partnered with KTSF to launch the Little Anchor Summer Camp. This event will take place from July 1st to 3rd, allowing children to learn the basic etiquette of anchoring and have the opportunity to experience being a little anchor at the KTSF TV station. This is not only a learning opportunity but also an unforgettable experience.



The Little Bookworm Chinese Library and the The Joy Culture Foundation are dedicated to providing diverse cultural and educational resources, helping Asian families in the Bay Area find a sense of belonging and pass on their culture. From the abundant Chinese books to engaging family activities and professional summer camps, this is a place where children can learn and grow happily. Patty, the executive director of the The Joy Culture Foundation, invites all families to participate in these wonderful activities and experience the beauty of Chinese culture together.


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