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天然、有效、营养——最佳脸部护理选择:Amy Skin Care!90分钟深度护理,为皮肤注入胶原蛋白及营养精华,通过直接赋予活化细胞,促进皮肤新陈代谢。让皮肤健康透亮,同时减少因年龄、遗传和日晒等引起的皮肤老化、太阳斑和老人斑等问题,缩小毛孔,抗衰老。此外,还能帮助去除因误用不当产品而沉淀在脸上的不健康化学成分。



Amy Skin Care 位于Fremont, California。



Natural, effective, and nourishing—Amy Skin Care is your top choice for facial treatments! Our 90-minute deep care session infuses your skin with collagen and essential nutrients, revitalizing cells and boosting skin metabolism. Achieve healthy, radiant skin while reducing signs of aging, sun spots, and age spots caused by aging, genetics, and sun exposure. This treatment also helps minimize pores and fight aging, while removing unhealthy chemical residues from improper product use.


Pamper mom, pamper yourself, and keep your face bright and glowing!  

Amy Skin Care is located in Fremont, California.


Amy Skin Care细胞矫正

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