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Find Your Perfect Match: 100 Ideal US Cities for Residency

Livability collaborates with Applied Geographic Solutions (AGS) to compile a list of 100 best places to live in the United States, taking into account various aspects such as the city's economy, housing and living costs, amenities, transportation, environment, safety, education, and health.


ivability specifically focuses on small to mid-sized cities with populations ranging from 75,000 to 500,000, as these cities make it easier for new residents to integrate into the community and generally offer more affordable living costs compared to larger cities. Additionally, the list analyzes factors such as median home values below $500,000, average rent, housing prices relative to income, and other cost-of-living considerations. Therefore, the cities on this list truly reflect lower living costs.

It's worth noting that the list does not rank each city because Livability believes that no single city can perfectly suit everyone's needs. Livability emphasizes that the choice of residence should be personalized and based on individual preferences, needs, and lifestyle. Hence, they provide an interactive list that allows people to sort and filter cities based on their own criteria to find the most suitable city for their needs.

In summary, Livability's list serves as a valuable reference for those seeking a new home. Whether one is seeking lower living costs, quality education, or a safe environment, these cities offer a variety of choices. Through this list, individuals can better understand the characteristics of different cities and make wiser decisions to achieve their residential goals. Therefore, whether one is seeking a fresh start, aiming to be closer to family, or looking to advance in their career, there may be a city in the list that suits their needs.

Here are the first ten cities in the list:

  1. Indiana - Carmel Population: 100,691 Med. Home Value: $380,506

  2. North Carolina - Cary Population: 179,000 Med. Home Value: $434,151

  3. Maryland - Columbia Population: 106,410 Med. Home Value: $467,495

  4. Indiana - Fishers Population: 102,878 Med. Home Value: $332,418

  5. Illinois - Naperville Population: 150,412 Med. Home Value: $433,840

  6. Colorado - Broomfield Population: 76,538 Med. Home Value: $491,262

  7. Kansas - Overland Park Population: 200,187 Med. Home Value: $354,977

  8. Texas - Sugar Land Population: 113,429 Med. Home Value: $359,460

  9. Texas - Frisco Population: 224,003 Med. Home Value: $470,968

  10. Michigan - Troy Population: 85,685 Med. Home Value: $343,627

Check the full list here


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