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Discover the World's Safest Cities: Where Will Your Next Trip Take You?

When choosing a travel or relocation destination, safety is undoubtedly a top priority for everyone. Based on Numbeo's index evaluation criteria, which include factors such as crime rates, day and night walking safety, robbery or car theft, physical attacks by strangers, insults or harassment, physical attacks due to skin color, race, gender, or religion, drug use and trafficking, as well as property and violent crimes, we can gain insight into the list of the world's safest cities. These rankings not only reflect the quality of life but also showcase the excellent achievements of various regions in combating crime and maintaining public order.


Top 10 Safest Cities in the World:

  1. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

  2. Doha, Qatar

  3. Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

  4. Taipei, Taiwan

  5. Ajman, United Arab Emirates

  6. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  7. Ras al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

  8. Muscat, Oman

  9. The Hague (Den Haag), Netherlands

  10. Munich, Germany

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These cities are mostly located in the Middle East, reflecting that high economic development levels and social stability contribute to improved public safety. However, Asian cities such as Taipei and Hong Kong also rank among the top, indicating that safety issues are related not only to economic conditions but also to local culture and law enforcement.

Middle Eastern Cities Shine in Safety Performance

Notably, several cities in the United Arab Emirates rank high, including Abu Dhabi, Ajman, and Sharjah. These cities stand out globally not only due to substantial investments in public infrastructure and law enforcement by local governments but also reflecting the effectiveness of policies aimed at economic diversification and social inclusiveness. Qatar's capital, Doha, ranks second, highlighting the Gulf countries' excellent performance in ensuring public security. These cities not only provide a sense of security for locals but also attract a large number of expatriates to work and travel, becoming economic hubs in the Middle East.

Asian Cities Exhibit Unique Cultural Advantages

In Asia, Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, ranks fourth globally with a high score of 84.8. Taipei not only boasts advanced public facilities and an efficient law enforcement system but also embodies the traditional cultural values of Taiwanese people, such as respect for others and law-abiding social ethos. This unique cultural gene makes Taipei one of the safest metropolises in Asia. Japanese cities like Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul in Korea and Singapore also rank high, demonstrating that these regions, while modernizing, have also retained their rich traditional cultural heritage, laying a foundation for maintaining social order.

Continuous Efforts to Build a Peaceful and Stable Society

These safe city rankings are not just data displays but an enlightenment: whether for travel or living, choosing a safe city can bring unparalleled peace of mind. These cities show us that while pursuing economic prosperity, they can also maintain high levels of public safety. So, are you ready to travel abroad? Which city attracts you the most?

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